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Sorry but I’m the kind of person that puts Study > Sleep

Sorry but my personal background and values put education before anything. In my perspective, education comes first before anything. I’ve been mentally manipulated to drive towards studies and education than everything else. I can’t control myself.

If you tell me to sleep earlier, I could try but if I need to do homework or study, sorry, sleep will not happen.

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I like it when people call me Meeshell :)

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I love college

Dressing nice is overrated. No one gives a shit about how you look. FUCK. YES. 

I get to be whoever, whatever, and however I want. 


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I like hearing other people’s stories and background. It really fascinates and interests me. Makes me feel like we’re on the same page.

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…I curse 109234289354792384203x more on the internet than I do in real life…

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He be a playa.

Honey, he’s most likely a playa. If he’s calling you “babe” and you two aren’t official, most likely, he’s calling one of your other friends “babe” too. Real men don’t tease young ladies.

If you’re flustered by your guyfriend’s “babe” calling, then good luck when you two are official. Don’t be mad or jealous when your new boyfriend starts calling other girls “babe” too. A real man would respect a relationship when it is established. 

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You shouldn’t treat your boyfriend like a wallet.

His wallet isn’t necessarily your’s. He’s not some bank you can just withdraw from anytime you want. Treat him like a gentleman, not some greasy, fat, rich man. 

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When little kids hold hands…way too cute!

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…eating dinner alone on my 18th birthday…

damn, i’m having such an amazing 18th birthday…like shieeeet. -____-.

I never really cared about my birthdays since I never do anything (except my 16th birthday when my friends held a little party/hang out for my friend and I). But I don’t know why I feel a bit sad this time…>.>. Maybe because it’s my 18th birthday and it is more important and special than other birthdays. I’m not really the person to hold parties for myself…I can do it for other people and I’m completely fine about it but eh…not for myself. But sort of wish I planned something for my 18th birthday….it feels a bit wasted now since I only have about 2 more hours left. 

…I feel a bit lonely…and when I’m older and people ask what my 18th birthday was like, I’m going to say, “It was lonely.” 

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Everyone has secrets. Everyone has untold stories.

It’s these unspoken words that truly tell who a person is. 

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I just had a mini reflection…

And I just realized how much I hate having people in my home….O.o

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I wish I knew how to play Life’s game.

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It’s nights like these that make me feel warm and satisfied inside.

Just sitting at a simple table. Just 3-4 friends. Nothing but keys, landyards and cokes in our hands. A dim light above our heads. Long, restless night. And a room filled with only laughter, stories, and jokes. 

I haven’t had one of these kinds of nights in a long time. And boy does it feel great! I love these. Honestly, I rather sit around in a coffee shop, park, or someone’s house and chat the night away than waste money doing something that doesn’t even focus on our friendships and bonding. I love these simple, spontaneous hang outs. Oh tonight was a night of hilarious memories. I sure laughed more than I expected today. It was amazing. I don’t usually have these relaxed nights with friends, but when I do, I’ll cherish every second of it. 

The feeling of satisfaction is beyond amazing. I can’t even explain my emotions right now but…..I know it’s something good. I feel as if all my stress has magically disappeared. I really enjoy these nights. I haven’t really felt this kind of happiness in a long time. I hope to feel this warm, fuzzy feeling more! 

To be able to laugh like there is no tomorrow, as if there’s not a single care in the world, and as if laughter is the only air I breath, now that’s letting the good times roll.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

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Learn how to use a bike lane.

People seriously need to learn how to use a bike lane. There’s a damn line that separates the bike lane and gawd damn traffic. That line is your safety, use it dumbass! Don’t freaking bike ON the damn line, that’s not what it’s for! Bike between the curb and that line! Do you not realize that oncoming traffic is about to run the fuck over you?! AND it’s dark at night, where the hell is your common sense?!

You lucky I didn’t run you over. I was literally THIS close to squishing you. I wish I rolled down the window and yelled at the person, ‘cause you made me hella mad. Either learn how to bike correctly on the street, or don’t bike at all. 

People like you fuel my road rage.

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Sisters before Misters.

I guess that doesn’t apply to you. I just feel as though (to you), the mister is more important than your fellow sisters. I know I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about my dear friend but this instantly popped in my head when it happened. 

I may be guilty of this in the past. And now that I’m single again, my relationship ideology has changed. Honestly, being single really changes an individual’s perspective on relationships. Or at least, that’s how I feel. I know I haven’t been like this in the past but now, relationships to me are different. I am completely conservative when it comes to relationships. I don’t like seeing couples PDA around me. (I only accept a few couples, and they know who they are.) I feel selfish, but I stand by the quote, “Sisters before Misters”, or any other version of it. 

I feel as though friendships should be put before relationships. No matter what, your friends will always be there for you. But you never know when your significant other will leave you. Relationships are very spontaneous, you never know when something may go wrong. But friendships, you build on friendships and you find people who truly care about you. People who will never leave you no matter what your flaws are. These are people who will sacrifice for you. 

I know a boyfriend is important to you. And he should be, I mean, he IS your boyfriend. Everyone should reserve some time for their significant other. But when I need your help, I wish you could sacrifice a little more for me. If your boyfriend truly likes you, he’ll be okay with it. Trust me.

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