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Tonight was amazing :)

Hung out with @lmpj, @fishyhandsfishyfeet, and Jean. 9 hours of baking, making watermelon balls, cooking, tv, and a whole lot of fun :). We tried to make brownie pops….fail..twice lol and we tried to make brownie-cupcakes….fail…ish. lol but fun process :) Pang is an awesome cook, yes! 

Being around the right people is what true happiness is. And I’m a trillion times grateful and thankful for having the best friends who sacrificed time and effort to share and create new memories. I’ll definitely cherish the feelings that left with me when departing. You guys are definitely one of a kind, and shall forever stay in my heart. :) 

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I’ve got to admit, I don’t mind staying home all day. I like just sitting around on the couch and watching dramas, or scrolling through Tumblr. I don’t know…lately, I don’t feel like going out. Mainly because I don’t want to waste gas and spend money. Sorry if I’m sounding selfish but I like staying home.

I don’t feel as though going out and doing stuff is the only way to keep friendships. I have plenty of strong friendships solely on talking and chatting. Why must we always have to go out and “hang out”? I really don’t mind staying home on the computer and just chatting with friends on AIM or facebook chat, or even through text. Just talking is completely fine with me. I like talking. I just don’t like wasting gas and money. I’m not even in the mood to go outside of my house.

Let me stay home, please. 

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BBQ kickback :)

I love hanging out with my older friends :) yesterday was super fun! ahhhhhh yes, spontaneous kickbacks: my favorite. Yesterday and this morning was Grad Nite for seniors…well….I didn’t go. Do I care? not really lol. Instead, I went job hunting, hung out with Matt (@mmueller) and we both went job hunting, then went to lollicup and played jenga with Sam, then I went to Melissa’s (@melllllerrs) for a wii hangout/bbq. welllllllllllllll leanne (@cennael) forgot the wii..LOLOL and Lauren (@lmpj) forgot the chips..but it’s all good! hahah it was fun :) ahhh good times good times! except the bugs were at war with us….cray cray. BBQ was freaking delicious! ahhhh :)

Good people, good vibes, good times. Like Melissa said, “This is your grad nite.” :)

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FUCK YES!!! Went out to dinner with friends at Red Robbins then decided to watch She’s The Man at Priya’s house! FUCK YES! MY PARENTS SAID OKAY! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYEYEYEYEYYEYEYE! but…I had to be home by 10:30pm…and I came home at 10:34pm…..DIDN’T GET YELLED AT!! FUCK YES!!! 

Damn….life is good.

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It’s nights like these that make me feel warm and satisfied inside.

Just sitting at a simple table. Just 3-4 friends. Nothing but keys, landyards and cokes in our hands. A dim light above our heads. Long, restless night. And a room filled with only laughter, stories, and jokes. 

I haven’t had one of these kinds of nights in a long time. And boy does it feel great! I love these. Honestly, I rather sit around in a coffee shop, park, or someone’s house and chat the night away than waste money doing something that doesn’t even focus on our friendships and bonding. I love these simple, spontaneous hang outs. Oh tonight was a night of hilarious memories. I sure laughed more than I expected today. It was amazing. I don’t usually have these relaxed nights with friends, but when I do, I’ll cherish every second of it. 

The feeling of satisfaction is beyond amazing. I can’t even explain my emotions right now but…..I know it’s something good. I feel as if all my stress has magically disappeared. I really enjoy these nights. I haven’t really felt this kind of happiness in a long time. I hope to feel this warm, fuzzy feeling more! 

To be able to laugh like there is no tomorrow, as if there’s not a single care in the world, and as if laughter is the only air I breath, now that’s letting the good times roll.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

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