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BBQ kickback :)

I love hanging out with my older friends :) yesterday was super fun! ahhhhhh yes, spontaneous kickbacks: my favorite. Yesterday and this morning was Grad Nite for seniors…well….I didn’t go. Do I care? not really lol. Instead, I went job hunting, hung out with Matt (@mmueller) and we both went job hunting, then went to lollicup and played jenga with Sam, then I went to Melissa’s (@melllllerrs) for a wii hangout/bbq. welllllllllllllll leanne (@cennael) forgot the wii..LOLOL and Lauren (@lmpj) forgot the chips..but it’s all good! hahah it was fun :) ahhh good times good times! except the bugs were at war with us….cray cray. BBQ was freaking delicious! ahhhh :)

Good people, good vibes, good times. Like Melissa said, “This is your grad nite.” :)

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