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I want to do research and internships not because i want to show off how smart I am or prove how intelligent I am. I want to do it because I have a passion in the subject and I want to make a difference and help others.

You have no idea how difficult it is to have parents who do not understand the English language, cannot comprehend advanced technology, and are not willing to open up to new culture. 

Stress Overload…..Fuck

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Insomnia is coming back again -______-.

and I’m pmsing. FUUUUUUUUUU! 

eats everything in sight, annoyed of everything in sight, moody at every second. 

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Fuck my life

First college math hw and I get a zero. Fucking arrived 1 minute late and he wouldn’t accept my hw. FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. SHIT.

I really hope this won’t affect my grade TOO much…FUCK. I start off with a fucking 0% in the class. FUCK MY SHITTY LIFE! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! it’s going to take forever to raise my grade. FUCK

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when someone says “no” to my opinion…

go fuck yourself

Whoever the fuck filled out my official immunization record card is a dumb fuck -__-

I need to fill out info for the Hepatitis B vaccine for UC Davis. But my record card states that I received the Hepatitis B shot series: 

  1. 07/29/94
  2. 09/15/94
  3. 01/23/94 


What is this bullshit? I WASN’T EVEN BORN FOR THE THIRD SHOT! WHAT THE HELL! I googled how far apart the shots are suppose to be…..according to, first shot should be given from birth to 2 weeks, second shot is at 2 months, then third (last) shot is at 6 months.


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He be a playa.

Honey, he’s most likely a playa. If he’s calling you “babe” and you two aren’t official, most likely, he’s calling one of your other friends “babe” too. Real men don’t tease young ladies.

If you’re flustered by your guyfriend’s “babe” calling, then good luck when you two are official. Don’t be mad or jealous when your new boyfriend starts calling other girls “babe” too. A real man would respect a relationship when it is established. 

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oh shit

I’m slowly losing feeling in my right wrist….not good not good! FUUUUUU! my right hand feels numb…gosh…i’m on the laptop scrolling through tumblr too much -____- 


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You shouldn’t treat your boyfriend like a wallet.

His wallet isn’t necessarily your’s. He’s not some bank you can just withdraw from anytime you want. Treat him like a gentleman, not some greasy, fat, rich man. 

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Eh…fuck you all. -___-

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Fuck off

I need to leave. Fuck this shit.

when couples take pictures of licking each other’s tongues……fucking burn that photo.

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I’m going to tell my bathroom wall how much I’m annoyed of my parents.

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I just had a mini reflection…

And I just realized how much I hate having people in my home….O.o

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